Who We Help

Solopreneurs and owners of Small Businesses and Non-Profits.

MakeJoy Studio is small, and we love working with clients one-on-one in order to really understand your needs and give you our best work.

We specialize in creating a visual voice to help you level up your business.

What is a visual voice?

Your visual voice is taking the great work you already do and sending it out into the world in a visual way.

Our culture is in a constant state of distractions. With an image being worth a thousand words, visuals through type, logo, image, and information graphics is the way to gain attention.

Creating your brand allows for consistency and repetition, making each visual an opportunity for recognition and ultimately gains the trust from your audience.

How we help

We love to help create brands, because it sets the foundation for how people consistently view your message, product, or service.

MakeJoy Studio’s goal is to learn about what makes you tick and establish your brand in a visual way (logo, colors, image-styling, etc.) .

You might already have an established brand and that’s great!

We can help keep your brand consistent and develop visuals for your social media, a brochure, a postcard and more.

We start with a handshake, a video-call, or some delicious coffee. Getting to know you first allows us to understand your project, and we can offer the best proposal and pricing for your project.

What we do

As designers, we focus on your visual content:

  • logos and typography
  • color palettes & image styles
  • brochures, postcards & flyers
  • letterhead & business cards
  • proposals & annual reports

The list goes on!

We make the great work you are already doing more beautiful!

Sometimes we even help out with:

  • starting your website and blog
  • updating content to your website
  • updating your social media
  • figuring out your tech woes

Oh, yeah, and sometimes even:

Contact us now, and ask us all your questions! At MakeJoy Studio, we really are just trying to help you with your business where we can.

We like to… make joy!