Monthly Retainers

Priority access. Faster delivery. Significant savings.

MakeJoy’s retainers are prepaid engagements that guarantee Jenn will be available to help your business for a set number of hours each month. This arrangement is ideal for companies that need ongoing design assistance, have ad-hoc projects that pop up throughout the month, or anticipate upcoming work but don’t have full details yet.

Retainer membership includes:

  • priority scheduling to avoid wait times
  • quick turnaround in 2-3 business days
  • discounted pricing

Retainers are available for up to 8 clients each month. Limiting the number of spots available ensures that each one receives Jenn’s full attention. Reservations are first-come, first-served.

Monthly Retainer Levels


15% Discount

5 hours of Design Services

2 spots left thru June 1, 2020


20% Discount

10 hours of Design Services*

1 spot left thru June 1, 2020


25% Discount

20 hours of Design Services*

1 spot left thru June 1, 2020

*Retainer members are given priority access for up to five hours per week. If you anticipate needing more than five hours of design help in a single week, please let me know immediately, and I will do my best to accommodate your request.

How it works

  1. At the beginning of each month, your business prepays to reserve a set number of hours that you can use throughout the month.
  2. When you have a new task or project, let me know via email or a phone call. I’ll acknowledge that I received your request, clarify any questions, and provide a time estimate for completion (usually within two business days). I can also arrange to reserve a specific day of the week for your project work if needed.
  3. When tasks are completed, I’ll provide a report showing where time was spent and how much of your monthly budget remains.

If your retainer hours deplete before the month ends, you can request additional time at our standard rate ($85/hour). Work requests over and above your allotted monthly retainer will be scheduled at least two weeks out to accommodate other in-progress projects and retainers, so be sure to select the retainer level that reflects your needs.

Still have questions, or want to discuss how a retainer would work for your business? Get in touch to learn more.