Featured as a Woman to KNOW in the 2023 Phoenix KNOW Book

Dawn Wooten | Kaua’i Island Homes

“Sometimes you just can’t plan ahead… sigh… Jennifer is so creative and fulfills every request with a positive attitude and a quick solution. Even when I have a marketing emergency she works to help me resolve it quickly and it’s never less, it’s as if she...

Karla Grimm | Sunrise Engineering

“Jennifer has an incredible gift for brand story telling while embracing the real character of any business, event or organization. Not only does she have an artistic eye for a polished & professional look, but her creativity is infused in everything she creates....

Sarai Case | Song of Life UMC

“Jenn changed the way we communicate to all our members and the way that we present ourselves to potential members! I really enjoy working with her. She knows how to take the conversation and put creative, artistic legs on our vision.”

Diana Spratt | Tempe First UMC

“Jennifer is a highly professional and creative designer who is both easy and delightful to work with. She is insightful and quick to understand what is needed on a project. Then she creates an original product that is exactly right. You’ll love her work!”